More Halo "Movie" Concept Art

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Last week, we got our first look at some concept art for a second Halo movie project currently doing the rounds in Hollywood. The drawings - by artist Kasra Farahani - are depicting some of the key scenes from writer Stuart Beattie's (Pirates of the Caribbean, GI Joe) screenplay, which in turn is based on the events in the novel Fall of Reach. We were promised that last week's image was the first of five, and this week, film site Latino Review obliges, with a second picture, this time showing the kids (including Master "John" Chief) being put through their paces by some UNSC instructors. Wide pics screw up the front page, so the full version's after the jump.

Illustration for article titled More Halo "Movie" Concept Art

Oh, and anyone doubting the legitimacy of these pics might be interested in going here, and reading Microsoft's angry "please stop" letter. Exclusive: 2nd Halo Fall Of Reach Concept Art! [Latino Review]

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Luke Plunkett

@Awoken: Fake? it's concept art, nothing more.