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The slow drip of song reveals from Guitar Hero: Metallica continues, thanks not to Activision or the media, but the ESRB. We'll know the full tracklisting next week, reportedly, but here are three more songs.


According to the ESRB's description, Guitar Hero: Metallica features some potentially objectionable lyrics. Specifically in Social Distortion's "Mommy's Little Monster," Metallica's "Whiplash" and Diamond Head's "Am I Evil?" which Metallica covered on 1984's Garage Days Revisited.

The ESRB description also points out borderline bad words in Michael Shenker Group's "Armed and Ready," a track already revealed by Game Informer magazine.


Also sexily objectionable are the game's tattoos, including "a fantastical succubus with cleavage and panties."

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