The three new multiplayer maps for Halo: Reach, which leaked previously, were confirmed by Bungie yesterday along with new vehicles and new Elite armor configurations. Everything's inside in one huge gallery.

First up, the maps: Zealot, Spire and Reflection are all out and proud now. Spire is an Invasion map that reverses the roles of Boneyard - putting Spartans on the offense. The data core is at the top of the spire. Reflection remakes Ivory Tower from Halo 2, and Zealot has a low-gravity outer space area.

The new vehicle is the Revenant, a two-seater Covenant ground vehicle that blends the Ghost's speed with the Wraith's plasma cannon. The update also had some more info about the Falcon, the three-seat aerial fighter for the UNSC which will be available in multiplayer.

Lastly, there are seven different Elite armor types - The Minor, Spec-Ops, The Ranger, The Ultra, The Zealot, The General and The Field Marshal.


Hit the link for tons more info. Thanks to Ursus-Veritas for the heads-up.

Bungie Weekly Update 8.06.10 [Bungie]