More Footage Of Parkour And Zombie-Killing In Dying Light

Techland just released an intense new trailer for Dying Light. The video shows off the open-world zombie game's supremely bloody gameplay, along with some nimble parkour moves:

The premise of Dying Light is that unlike Dead Island, Techland's previous open-world zombie-killing simulator, the new game's world follows a standard day-and-night cycle.


The undead are already pretty creepy and difficult to kill during the daylight hours. But once the sun sets, things get really interesting. Monsters become stronger and more difficult to kill. Plus, there's that whole being outside in the dark thing. That never seems to go well when there are zombies involved.

Thankfully, someone in this post-apocalyptic hellhole was smart enough to play some Titanfall before the dead started rising again. So when the going gets rough, you can get out of a tight scrape with this neat chain-jumping maneuver:

Or close in on a zombie with some wall-jumping:

And if all else fails, you can always lean on the reliable staples like guns and explosives:


Good luck mastering those parkour maneuvers, zombie-killer. Sounds like you're gonna need 'em.

Techland also said that it will be bringing more information about Dying Light to E3 next week.


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Some publishers/developers really don't know when to cool it with the hype. This game is delayed until 2015, it really isn't worth hyping people until a couple months before the release date, which hasn't even been confirmed yet.