Back in 2013, Kotaku first featured Chinese Photoshop trolls. They were quite amusing. Now, let's have a look at some more internet hijinks from those able to use their Photoshop skills for good—or, depending on how you look at it, evil.

Here's how it works: people submit photos, making specific requests that the Photoshop masters grant—in their own, trollish way. People submitting their photos know what they're in for, and a good internet time is had by all.

So a pic like this...

Is gonna end up like this...

Let's have a look at some classics Chinese Photoshop troll pics from, Dianping, QQ Qzone (via RocketNews24), and Ali213.

Request: Photoshop Master, add the ability to create fire.


Request: Photoshop Master, can you turn these two images into one?


Request: Photoshop Master, the woman on the left is in the way.


Request: Photoshop Master, make my face way more expressive.


Request: Photoshop Master, please help me get a handsome boyfriend.


Request: Photoshop Master, help me make this look more beautiful.


Photoshop Master, I'd like you to change the woman in the back with another woman.


Request: Photoshop Master, I'd like to have more muscles.


PS大神繁忙依旧!各种雷人恶搞PS神图海量来袭 [Ali213]

盘点那些无节操的神级PS(第一辑)看你能忍住不笑吗? [QQ via ロケットニュース24]

哈哈 笑死我可了 ps大神无敌了 亲们以后千万不要把相片放在网上哦 [dianping]

大神求P!一起围观高手玩家的神级PS爆笑囧图 []

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