More Dead Space 2 Art Dug Up From Beneath The Surface

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So far, we've seen two Dead Space 2 pics. One piece of stupid marketing, and the cover of a magazine. May as well make it three, with this new piece of concept art.


Let's see, what have we got...a Marker, a big hole in the ground, and another planet covered in rocks, only this time it's grey, instead of orange.


Oh, and there's some kind of town/colony in the background, whose inhabitants are sure to get through all this just fine.

米EA、「Dead Space 2」の開発を発表プラットフォームはPS3/Xbox 360/PC [Game Watch]

UPDATE - It's been pointed out that this is eerily similar (as in, it's almost exactly the same) as a piece of concept art for the first Dead Space. Strange to see EA recycle it like this.

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I'm calling it. This isn't official EA image.

The title of the game is repeated twice and in different type treatments, just reeks of "fan made" or something thrown together for a DeadSpace2 splash-page.