More Beautiful Cel-Shading in This Gravity Rush Video

Gravity Rush is fast becoming the PlayStation Vita game to see at press events.

We already got a look of Team Siren's upcoming gravity bending title through screenshots, gameplay, and hands-on experience. The game features beautiful anime style cel-shaded graphics, so what's wrong with another taste? The newest video out of Gamescom shows off the high-flying, gravity-changing action, with a bit of the comic book style storytelling.

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Hewlett Packard today cancel the WebOs platform and close the PC consumer business because of Apple iPads and very steep competition.

The analysts which predicted the possible death of PCs and consoles because of tablets and smartphones was right.

Sony corp. will rethink it's strategy now very carefully.

There's even possible scenario that we WON'T EVER SEE SONY VITA in the stores - because Sony MAY CANCEL VITA. Vita have a serious hardware flaw - the ARM chips and hardware which will be in the other smartphones too - so the other devices will get the same power and graphics at the same time when Sony want start selling it.

I bet $10 that Vita will be cancelled entirely before start of the sales or after 6 months closed as HP closed it's consumer business today. Who's joining me?