Monster Hunter: World's Devil May Cry Gear Is Worth The Grind

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Monster Hunter: World’s wild crossover events are now ten times more stylish with the arrival of a quest to unlock armor and weapons from the pizza eating simulator Devil May Cry. The limited-time event quest has players fight some of the game’s best monsters and grants amazing gear that’s absolutely worth grinding for.


Hunters looking to cosplay as everyone’s favorite white-haired hunk should seek out the event quest “Code: Red.” It is a mid-level quest with a hunter rank 14 minimum requirement that tasks the player with fighting four monsters in sequence. These include an anjanath, an odogoron, a rathian, and the dangerous elder dragon Teostra. That might seem like a lot, but you’ll only ever fight one at a time, and they’re not quite as tough as ones you’ll find in the wild. The result is a gauntlet against some of the game’s best monsters. Each time you complete the quest, you’ll get a “red orb” used to craft special gear.

While the quest itself is fun, the process of getting Dante’s armor and weapons feels like a bit more of a grind than the process for getting Ryu’s armor or Aloy’s in the previous crossover events. This is because you have to craft each piece of Dante’s signature trenchcoat armor individually with a wide range of materials. If you’re like me and didn’t start off this process with a Teostra Gem or Odogoron Plate, you might find that even after you’ve collected all of the red orbs you need, there are still a few rare drops that you’re missing. That can lead to a lot of repeated quest attempts as you try to get what you need.

The good news is that even if the search for rare monster plate or gems is slow, there’s still a lot you can get done during the process. The monster variety for the quest makes it a great place to farm bounties. You’ll make progress on brute wyvern bounties and large monster bounties throughout the process. The creatures’ reduced health make this one of the best places to complete side missions or gather monster parts to sell if you need cash.

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It helps that the rewards are pretty good. Dante’s armor, besides looking snazzy as heck, gives the Exploit Weakness trait, which means you’ll do a lot of damage attacking monster’s weak points. It also gives the level-three version of Evade Window, which grants some extra invulnerability while evading, which is great for users of fast weapons like the Dual Blades. You can even dye the jacket whatever color you want.


It’s not just armor, though. You can also craft Dante’s sword, which acts as a Charge Blade. The attack animations are right out of Devil May Cry, with furious stabs and arcs of purple lightning, and the weapon transforms from a small blade to Dante’s signature Alastor long sword. I haven’t finished my armor set but the sword alone was worth the grind, if only because of how cool you’ll look on hunts. Between the sword, the bounties, and the excellent battle, this latest event offers some the best extra content for the game to date.

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I hope they bring all these events in when the PC version releases. It wouldn’t be fair to delay the game then shut us out of these.