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And so the natural progression begins anew. We see blurry shots of a Japanese game from scans of a Japanese mag, then a few days later, they get around to releasing those same screenshots for the rest of us. Looking pretty sharp there, Capcom. Thanks for taking the time to actually push the limits of the hardware. Plenty more at the link below. 巨大な海竜が登場! 『モンスターハンター3(トライ)』では狩りが大幅に進化 [Dengeki]

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This title used to be what I looked forward to after a long day's work. I would come home and think to myself "just be patient, M3's gonna come out one day and then you can die happy". But now? No.

Now the game is going to be a single player experience (Wii online is unfortunately horrible) with the same sized disc the two previous console Monster Hunters had. What we have here now is a game that is content- and multiplayer-based on a "next-gen" system that has advanced in neither the online or memory space departments since the last generation. On the XB360, MH3 would have access to the best online community ever to grace a (buggy) console, in addition to the opportunity of DLC such as new armors and monsters. On the PS3, you would have access to a 50gb disc in addition to a minimum of 20gb HDD space on all systems (with decent -free- online support).

Instead, we have Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. We have a 8.5gb disc, 5gb of memory for game saves, and an online service that will always be remembered as the worst a gamer has even used. We have almost no hope of a good hunt, and even less of a chance for DLC.

And why? For the sake of money. Yes, I know developers need to make money. And I know sometimes companies need to make sacrifices in the game for said money. But when a company puts a game that is based on content and online play on a system that has no HDD or online support to speak of all in the name of a profit, something must be said.

I will be boycotting this game, and simply wait for the (most likely superior) PSP version to come out.