Monster Hunter Juice Is Yellow

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Japan's biggest PSP franchise Monster Hunter Portable is getting a beverage for players to drink and think about hunting monsters. It is yellow.


Starting December 17, a Monster Hunter version of Japanese drink Dodekamin is being released in The Land of the Rising Sun. It is laced with honey in a special "hunter blend" and features characters from the smash hit Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

This isn't the first Monster Hunter drink. Back in 2008, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd got branded energy drinks cleverly called "Monster Hunter Drink". Bet it took them months to come up with that moniker.

「モンスターハンターポータブル 3rd」とコラボ、はちみつ調合の「ドデカミングレート」全8種類試飲レビュー [Gigazine]


Evan Chambers

I wish the US and Canada got more promotional video game drinks.

Usually its just "look, its [insert video game character here] on a Coke and/or Pepsi can".

We don't get any new flavours :(