Monster Hunter Is Killing It With The Free Extras

This is how you do downloadable content.

I have nothing but good things to say about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's DLC. Today, the developers released a new batch of content, all of it free. It includes new quests, Palicos, weapons, and gear—including some stuff themed after The Legend of Zelda. The DLC lets you craft Link's Master Sword and shield, as well as his signature tunic and bow.


To get the Zelda gear, though, you'll need to defeat three enemies—they'll drop the Triforce, which you can use to forge Link's stuff. You gotta earn it.

Thing is, DLC packs like this one are going to be dropping every month for Monster Hunter. Last month, there was a pack that includes new Palico gear, as well as a starter set for new hunters. This Zelda pack is March's batch of DLC. There will be more throughout the year—all free. Amazing.


To get this new stuff, head into the DLC menu of your Monster Hunter 4 game. You should see new stuff in pretty much every section there. Happy downloading!

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Jonathan Ponikvar

This is a really awesome way to dish out special-edition content, for sure.

But from a different viewpoint, the Samus gear DLC better not have some insane level requirement or "beat seven bosses at the same time to EARN IT" crap. That would freaking suck for those of us who don't have the time to dedicate to playing 100 hours of this game to get the fun stuff. I got all excited about the Zelda gear, but now I seriously doubt I'll ever actually see it in-game because of the wall they put in front of it. "Free Download" or not, that's pretty shitty.

For comparison, Bayonetta 2 didn't force you to beat a boss rush mode in record time without taking damage in order to dress up in Nintendo costumes. You got it from the get-go.

I love Monster Hunter, but I guess I'll just have to stick to the regular gear. Thanks, Capcom.