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Monster Hunter Frontier Not Confirmed For The West

Illustration for article titled Monster Hunter Frontier Not Confirmed For The West

What do Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan have in common? They all are regions where action RPG Monster Hunter Frontier has been released on PC. What do North America and Europe have in common?


They are regions where the game has not been released. Just because Monster Hunter Frontier has been announced for the Xbox 360, that does not mean the game is necessarily headed West anytime soon.

Capcom issued the following statement to Kotaku: "Monster Hunter Frontier is an online multiplayer action RPG currently only available in Japan and other Asian territories. Originally released in 2007 for the PC, it has now been confirmed that Monster Hunter Frontier will be released in Japan on the Xbox 360. As yet the title has not been confirmed for release in Europe or North America."



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Mr McGrumpypants

After seeing the trailer in the last article about this game, I was very excited. It looked like you were actually HUNTING the monsters, as they leaped around and tried to fight back. I've also heard good things about it from friends who are into Japanese non-localized games.

The only thing I think this game needs is keyboard support. Every MMO-type game on consoles should have keyboard support.