Monster Hunter Freedom 2G Boosts Capcom

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Thanks largely to strong sales of Monster Hunter Freedom 2G on the PSP, Capcom said it had its best fiscal first quarter since it began reporting quarterly. Monster Hunter Freedom 2G sales have been "skyrocketing," according to Capcom, since its March 27, 2008 release. The company also said the game broke Japanese PSP sales records, with 2 million units sold.On the downside, the company's arcade business is struggling, though the impact to Capcom is mitigated by its home software performance. As we reported last night, the company saw 16,352 million yen ($153.2 million) in net sales for its fiscal first quarter, an increase of 14.5 percent over the same period last year. The company's overall revenues took a 43.5 percent jump to 2,978 yen ($27.6 million), and profits were up 60.1% to 4,024 million yen ($37.2 million).


@Dalorien: The game was good and fun but the only thing that I couldn't stand was the insane loading time per area.