Monster Hunter Bundle Includes Fanny Pack

Illustration for article titled Monster Hunter Bundle Includes Fanny Pack

And who doesn't love fanny packs?

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will be released in Japan on December 1. The game will sell a bajillion copies, and the entire nation will buy it.

Those shopping on Capcom's online shop have an opportunity to buy more than the game. They can get a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd bundle that comes with a fetching fanny pack and earphones. Capcom is also throwing in a cell phone strap to boot!

Yours for ¥7,300 (US$87).

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Fanny in the UK = vulgar term for vagina.

Fanny in the US = rear end

US = Fanny pack

UK = Bum bag

Just to keep everyone up-to-date on international relations :-)

Also, if you tell someone you're going out for a fag they're not being anywhere near as offensive as you'd think unless you're asthmatic.