The absurd string of major games on the once-sleepy 3DS continues next month, at least in Japan, where they're getting the mammoth Monster Hunter 4 on September 14.

A new trailer for the game came out today. Watch it above.

Here in America, Monster Hunter's a niche thing. Those who are into it love it, but it's no blockbuster franchise. In Japan, it's a co-op multiplayer juggernaut that makes systems or—in the case of the 3DS—makes red-hot systems somehow even hotter.

If you're wondering about MH4 for North America, the official word is that no announcement has been made about that.

So there's this game in Japan in September. And then there's a Pokémon game the month after—worldwide! My goodness. When's the last time a system had a year of exclusives like the one the 3DS is having?


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