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Monster Boy Looks Like A Solid Old-School Sega Revival

Old-school Sega fans will undoubtedly remember Wonder Boy, a series of lovely sidescrolling action-RPGs starring heroes with big swords and colorful hair. Two game companies—FDG Entertainment and The Game Atelier—have partnered to bring it back.


Well, sort of. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a sequel in everything but name, and this promising gameplay trailer seems to show a revival that captures what people loved about Wonder Boy—music aside.

Originally announced earlier this year—and scheduled for release in the first few months of 2016—Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is slated for PC, PS4, and Xbox One according to the folks behind it. I’m stoked to see more.


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I ....kind of like it. It’s retro without looking dated. I am getting a bit tired of the “retro” aesthetic. I think it’s lazy 99% of the time