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The exclusive fraternity of Monopoly tokens, bridging many generations with the shared childhood memory of fighting over who got the racecar, added a new member to its ranks today, and got rid of that stupid flat iron once and for all.


What's new? Well, as this was voted on by the Internet, there was no way in hell a cat was going to lose. So, the kitty makes the lineup. Cat was the preferred choice of 31 percent of the zillions who voted on this thing.

The iron was voted out with a paltry 7 percent support from the public. Also facing relegation were the wheelbarrow and the shoe. Iron was one of the original eight metal tokens but is now officially a free agent. If it doesn't choose retirement, iron's options are a gig with Pay Day, or filming advertisements with Dennis Rodman.


Scottie dog got the most support of the existing pieces, 29 percent.

If you're upset that the cool toy robot didn't make it in, fear not, all of the candidate pieces above are available in a special Target-only edition, proving board games are just like video games. Actually, if they were, every box would contain all of the tokens in a locked box and six months after Target sold all of its stock, you could buy a key for $5.99.

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