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Monkey Island: The Deleted Scenes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Movies have deleted scenes, everyone knows that. But it's rare we see deleted game scenes, because they're normally just 1s and 0s, and if they're not in the final game, we don't see them. Unless we're talking Monkey Island!

While working on the recent Special Edition of the game, Lucasarts' Adam Bormann says he had to go back into the code for the original Monkey Island. And while in there, poking around for puzzle AI, he found a ton of content left in the game by its developers, including Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer.


Seems every time the original developers made a change to a puzzle or a piece of dialogue, they simply left the old stuff in the code. So Lucasarts have yanked it all out and posted it. Some of it's all-new content, others added lines to existing chit-chats, but for fans of the series it's all good reading.

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