Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert has been quietly releasing some amazing pieces of gaming history on his official website. Today, he's uploaded a look of his first design document for Lucasfilm Games. The unproduced game would've been called I Was A Teenage Lobot, and marked the first appearance of Chuck (aka Chuck the Plant).

Gilbert wasn't even full-time when he wrote the treatment for I Was A Teenage Lobot—this was part of his pitch to be become a real employee.

"It was just after Koronis Rift finished and I was really hoping I wouldn't get laid off," wrote Gilbert. " [...] "I guess I figured I'd show how indispensable I was by helping to churn out game design gold like this."

Here's how the game would have opened:


I Was A Teenage Lobot was not the only title Gilbert came up with, either.


That's still a pretty great premise for a video game. Maybe after Thimbleweed Park ships.