Moneysaver: QuakeCon Deals, 20+ Games for $90

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The Id Software, your ego, and the super-deal.

To celebrate Quakecon, Id and Bethesda titles have been discounted across the Internet. We briefly mentioned a couple sales in today's Moneysaver, but we'll get into it here. The highlight is of course the Quakecon Pack on Steam, a huge bundle of more than 20 games including DLC-complete versions of Dishonored, Fallout 3, New Vegas, RAGE, and Skyrim, along with lots of Dooms, Hexens, and lots more. Of course, you need to not already own most of the games in that bundle to make it worthwhile.


• Basically all of the games on Steam are 20% less in the Gamefly Quakecon Sale using code GFDAUG20.


GetGames QuakeCon Sale

GreenManGaming Quakecon Sale

• Id Software iOS Sale, everything $1

Bethesda Store 20% off orders over $50

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Rage for 4 dollars is great. I paid 5 for it during the Steam summer sale and really enjoyed the game. Don't go in expecting an RPG like Fallout or Borderlands. This game is all about action and shooting. The enemies are smart and aggressive. This isn't some boring shooter where you hide behind a chest-high wall and casually recover health, mutants will flank you and kill you if you stop moving.

With the oversaturation of uninspired military shooters for the past 10 years, Rage really reminded me of how good shooters can be.