Moneysaver One-Shot: Turtle Beach For $40

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Wake up, you're in the Moneysaver baby, time to save.

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Nothing like a no-brainer purchase to start your Wednesday off right. This Turtle Beach Limited Edition Kilo Headset is currently sitting at $40, it's lowest price ever, and $20 cheaper than the Corsair Vengeance we featured a while back. A really nice bonus is that it's compatible with PC, Mac, 360, and PS3, so all your bases are covered (and belong to us). Yeah, there's COD branding, but nothing you can't easily cover up if you're heavily opposed. Plus, if you grabbed our COD-branded mouse and keyboard, now you've got a matching set. Grab it from Best Buy, and come back at 2:15pm ET for your full dose of Moneysaver. [Best Buy]

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Shane, buddy, you're KILLING me here. See this room? This is the Moneysavers fault!

*sigh* The wife DOES want a decent headset though... TO THE BEST BUY!