Moneysaver One-Shot: Playstation Vita With $50 Credit

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Viva la Vita.

No need to wait for a price drop that may not come at E3 or a holiday value bundle with games you may not want. Amazon is giving $50 in credit to anyone who buys a Vita, and there are two options to choose from.


Playstation Vita Wifi + $50 Credit ($250)

Playstation Vita 3G + Unit 13 + 4GB Memory Card + 1 Year Plus + $50 Credit ($300)

Also available:

32GB Vita Memory Card ($85) | Normally $100


Soul Sacrifice ($30) | Normally $40


Sly Cooper ($20) | Normally $30


Amazon credit is basically the same as money in your pocket, and if you would have preferred PSN credit, you can just use the credit to buy a $50 PSN card.

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If I could get a PSVita for under $200 with Uncharted, AC:Liberation, Gravity Rush, and the new Killzone, I'd do it.

Other than that, nope. When you can play KOTOR on your iPad for fuck's sake, what's the point of a dedicated handheld?