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Phenomenal cosmic power... and (relatively) itty bitty price.

I mentioned in today's Moneysaver that Rakuten was running a promotion where customers could get 30% of their spendings back in store credit on purchases over $200 using the code SUMMER at checkout.


Turns out this applies to the latest generation of Intel's processors and NVIDIA's video cards as well. It's a pretty insane deal on these just-released components. So insane in fact that I bought them myself. Guess that gaming PC I'm planning on building is happening sooner than expected.


Warning: Credit will be available 15 days after delivery and must be used within 60 days after that.

Warning 2: Do not forget to put the code in.

NEW Warning 3: We've come across some reports of credit card info being stolen after purchases were made on Rakuten. Rakuten is a huge store, formerly, and we've featured them and bought from them many times without issue.

The processor you want:

Intel Core i7-4770K 3.4GHz "Haswell" ($338 - $101 Credit = $237)

As for the 700 series of graphics cards, they have both the 770 and 780 from a few different makers, though at least in my opinion, the 780 doesn't really justify its price. I went with the:

EVGA GeForce GTX 770 SC 2GB w/ ACX Cooler ($420 - $126 Credit = $294)

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