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Moneysaver One-Shot: Cheap Turtle Beach For All Your Platforms

Illustration for article titled Moneysaver One-Shot: Cheap Turtle Beach For All Your Platforms

Which way is the beach?

Amazon is carrying the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset for $100. That's about $30 less than anywhere else and $70 off MSRP. What's so great about these cans? They have a long-lasting rechargeable battery, they're not gaudy, and most importantly, they work with the PS3, 360, PC, Mac, and even your phone. That compatibility, along with this price, makes the XP300 an easy recommendation. [Amazon]


Black Ops-branded version also available.


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It's too bad Turtle Beach headsets are garbage. It took going through five different headsets with varying issues (and of varying price tags) over a couple years and dealing with terrible tech support along the way for me to finally start avoiding their overpriced products. It's sad too, because to my knowledge, TB is the only company to have a fully wireless gaming headset. As in, no lame chat cable connecting from the headset to the controller. Even the Astro A50s have a damn chat cable. If someone knows of a good non-TB headset that is FULLY wireless, please let me know! I'm in the market and I want a quality headset that will last longer than 6 months without issues.