Moneysaver One-Shot: $10 Bonus Pre-order Amazon Credit On Trade-Ins

Illustration for article titled Moneysaver One-Shot: $10 Bonus Pre-order Amazon Credit On Trade-Ins

Out with the olds.

Well that title was a mouthful. Basically, you're gonna sell Amazon some games, and in addition to the money they give you for said games, they're going to give you an additional $10 to put toward pre-orders. We feature lots of pre-order deals on the Moneysaver, and yes, the money can be applied to PS4 and Xbox One games.


The last time we covered an Amazon trade-in promotion it was very well-received, and while this deal isn't as extreme as that one was, it's still free money for things you may very well have been planning on doing anyway. [Amazon]

Here's the current Moneysaver.

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Looking forward to Destiny!