Bridge the gap on the cheap.

Update: Best Buy has launched a similar program, but it's not as good as Amazon's, and doesn't feature any games that Amazon's doesn't.

Sony made a ton of announcements at Gamescom today, including a $200 Vita with cheaper memory cards, and a $200 PS3. One of these revelations was a program that "deeply" discounts the next-gen digital version of a game for those who bought its current-gen counterpart. Titles confirmed for eligibility include:


Amazon recently announced a similar program for Xbox One titles. Amazon's program includes all 4 titles confirmed for the Sony promotion, along with Madden, NBA2K, FIFA, and Need for Speed Rivals. The Amazon promotion has a set upgrade price of $10, and follows in the footsteps of a deal just trotted out by Gamestop. The Gamestop version of the deal is far more restrictive, requiring the game in question to be purchased within 30 days of release and for it to have been originally purchased from Gamestop.


I'm certainly not complaining. There's nothing fun about making the choice between playing a game I'm excited about now vs. waiting for the (hypothetically) better next-gen version to arrive. So yes, for an extra 10 bucks, I'll have my cake and eat it twice.

Sony also revealed that copies of Driveclub (digital and physical) would include a 3-month Playstation Plus membership.


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