What's The Best Gaming Monitor?

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Today's topic is Best Gaming Monitor, and we're leaving that intentionally open-ended. Your choice does not have to be a monitor with "Gaming" in the name of the product. I'm very interested to see which specs like screen size, resolution, inputs, screen type, and ease of use are most important to people, and which don't really matter.

  • Post #1: You guys nominate your favorites in the comments section.
  • Post #2: After counting the votes from Post #1, we take the top five choices and vote on them.
  • Post #3: We announce the winner.

And some rules to make sure your votes/nominations get counted, and for my sanity:

  • Start a new comment thread with a new nomination, please bold "nomination" and please check to see that no one has already nominated your choice.
  • Vote by commenting on the nomination. You must include "vote" in your vote comment, preferably in bold.
  • Votes without the word "vote" will not be counted. Image annotations, text annotations, and recommendations (starring) of someone else's comment do not count as votes.

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Nomination: I'm hearing great things about the Monoprice 27" monitors. I'd love to check one out some day. They've got DVI (after comparing DVI to HDMI, I'm never going back to the latter), have a GREAT resolution (1440p, mmmm) for the size (most 27" monitors are only 1080p these days). Unlike the Korean Catleaps and stuff, Monoprice has warranty protection.

The next monitor I buy is probably going to be a monoprice.

HP monitors, in my experience, suck. ASUS/LG/Samsung are all great brands. Dell/Apple are overpriced, and the Korean/Monoprice monitors are using the exact same panels for so much less.