Monday Night Combat's Title Update Rolls Out

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"Rolls on," more like, as the big update hit early yesterday for Monday Night Combat, the class-based shooter on Xbox Live Arcade. For those who don't have it, the demo time trial has been extended to 60 minutes from 30.


The title update delivers a ton of fixes - some esoteric, some critical depending on what class you play the most. Of general interest, I'd say the demo extension, plus networking fixes that won't split Xbox Live parties and improved hit detection to compensate for high lag situations, are the most relevant.

The game has also normalized the time between missing a grapple and the ability to execute another - this is of particular concern to Assassins (a popular class) which saw a greater time penalty between attempts. Tank's jet gun has been nerfed the lower it is on ammo, but with a full clip it's now stronger than usual.


Additionally, Monday Night Combat can roll out gameplay tuning without the necessity for a full patch update. Just today Uber Entertainment adjusted the damage on Sniper's level 2 and 3 grapple, cut the pay for Ring Outs to $75 from $125, and boosted Tank's death blossom damage if he's carrying a full clip. Keep that in mind if he's your preferred class.
MNC Title Update Is Out Now [Uber Entertainment, thanks cfive3]

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That's all well and good, but I know a ton of people who have just stopped playing the title. It was so much fun in August, especially when there was nothing coming out at the time. But as we approach the holiday season and we still don't have the first expansion pack, the game became stale really fast.

I think this was largely due to the lack of maps, gametypes, and new bots. Yes it is a downloadable title, so we shouldn't expect too much in the content department, but it has the kind of developer support you would see on a full retail release so it is like getting mixed messages. But after about 2 weeks of play there was nothing new to do.

The wait time for the expansion is more similar to a retail release than a download one. It would be fine if what there was to do in the game matched that of a retail release. It's like eating a single piece of fried chicken for lunch and being expected to hold out until dinner; where instead you should get some mashed potatoes and gravy a little while after, and maybe some mac and cheese a little while after that. In the end it can still be a satisfying meal.

Don't get me wrong. I loved the game and applaud the studio for making something amazing, but really wish there was more content to keep me playing for longer than I did to warrant this kind of support to keep me playing. Hopefully for their next game they can have an expansion pack or map pack ready sooner.