Monday Night Combat's PitGirl, Tank & More Get Statuesque

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The Monday Night Combat battle continues... in your home! Uber Entertainment, makers of the Xbox Live Arcade hit, have made four of the game's combatants available in resin form via the developer's online store.


These resin statues of Monday Night Combat's PitGirl, Assassin, Assault and Tank classes don't come cheap. They range from $69.99 to $89.99 USD, but check in at a good nine to ten inches tall. Really, you can't put a price on Monday Night Combat statue ownership.

If you'd like to show your Monday Night Combat pride in cheaper ways, trucker hats emblazoned with the game's logo and t-shirts with shotgun shells high-fiving anthropomorphic strips of bacon are also available... cheap!


Uber Store [Uber Entertainment via Tomopop]

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