Don't you just love this kind of stuff? The dirty, sordid story of just where those shiny PS3 discs come from? We do. It's a creation story, and a fascinating one at that.

Sony recently opened a new Blu-Ray factory in Sydney, and threw open the doors for the media to come in and take some photos. While most took the opportunity to take cheesy snaps of Sony executives, News Limited's Charlie Brewer did us all a big favour and came back with shots of the production line so nice they border on the pornographic.

For reference, of the Blu-Rays produced at the factory in Huntingwood, in Sydney's western suburbs, around one third of them are PS3 games (you can see PAL copies of PAIN rolling off the production line in the top shot).

There are 16 shots in all, taking us from silicon grain to artwork printing to packaged product, and you can see them all at's site at the link below.

Inside Sony's Blu-Ray Factory []