Mommy, Where Do Game Trailers Come From?

As we'll get into on Christmas day in a little more detail, video game trailers are big business these days. But did you ever stop and wonder where they actually come from?

The Kartel did, so went and paid a visit to FAILSAFE Creative Group, an ominous-sounding company that specialises in the production of trailers for the video game industry.

FAILSAFE have produced both trailers and behind-the-scenes diaries for games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Unreal Tournament III, Dark Void and Stranglehold. Sometimes they create original content (ie, stuff with actors), most times they're tasked with cutting, editing and arranging cinematic and gameplay footage provided by a publisher or developer.

It's an interesting tour of the people and processes behind something most of us take for granted, so if you need to kill ten minutes over the Christmas break, it's worth a quick read.


An inside look at how game trailers are created [The Kartel]

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When people are making a game, and they want people to buy their game, something very special happens. We'll call that ''advertising''. You'll learn more about it when you're older.