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Mom Learns Lesson After Five Day Modern Warfare Marathon Sends Her Kid to the Hospital

Illustration for article titled Mom Learns Lesson After Five Day emModern Warfare/em Marathon Sends Her Kid to the Hospital

And you thought gaming unto exhaustion was a phenomenon restricted to Asia. Well, somehow, a 15-year-old Ohio boy gamed so hard on Modern Warfare 3 he required hospitalization for dehydration.


What's more, the boy's own mother told local news he was locked inside his room with the game for "at least four days. Maybe five," writes WCMH-TV of Columbus, Ohio. His only appearances outside of the room were for snacks or a quick shower, she said.

Mom's inability to intervene and end this persistent threat to the health of her child over the course of five days was not explained.


When the boy emerged from his room for the final time, he collapsed, and his lips turned a frightening shade of blue. The paramedics arrived and pumped him full of fluids, says WCMH. After a short hospital stay, Mom says she's learned a lesson. "The Xbox is gone."

Great. That totally solves all the problems in this household.

15-Year-Old Columbus Gamer Collapses After 4-Day Gaming Marathon [WCMH-TV, Columbus Ohio]

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Lol are you REALLY placing all of the blame on the parents here?

Come on guys...