An hour after hosing blood off the street and ordering a bystander away from the guy her twins had beaten into a seizure, according to cops, a Staten Island mom was back in Frontierville in search of tools and hardware.

Deborah Berardi, 55, faces felony gang assault charges along with her two sons, Thomas and Anthony, (which I have every faith is pronounced "Ant-knee.") Police say her boys and another suspect beat up a 24-year-old neighborhood acquaintance, apparently stemming from some dispute with the victim's girlfriend and a carload of her friends.

"Let him choke," Berardi allegedly told a witness as the victim was having a seizure on the pavement, then hosed away his blood as he lay at her feet. She then went back to Facebook and played Frontierville, posting an update that she "needs hammers in order to complete a general store."

Or to renovate someone's face.

Berardi told The Advance of Staten Island that "The whole thing is wrong. Everything is wrong. It wasn't that way, and that's all I have to say. And we'll straighten it out in front of a grand jury." That's all well and good; but having been arrested and charged, it's the regular jury where she needs to plead her case.


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