Peter Molyneux's Fable 2 publicity storm continues, complete with Molynexisms. Today's is about Fable 2 being so good that even the people on payroll like it. Or something. Here, let Molyneux explain:

I think of all the games I've made, I think I'm probably more excited about the launch of Fable 2 than I've been about any game really. Because everybody who's played it ‚ÄĒ the majority of which are the team members themselves, so this is going to sound strange, but they're always the toughest audience to please ‚ÄĒ has said it's fantastic. That's a wonderful feeling

Ever notice that Peter Molyneux is most excited about his latest game? That's why he's Peter Molyneux and you and I are not. Simple as that. Peter Molyneux - Part Two [Games Industry]