Molyneux: Fable Franchise May Not Remain RPGs

In this interview with Peter Molyneux we delve a bit deeper into the successes and failures of Fable II, which Molyneux says didn't deliver emotionally as much as he had hoped it would.

We also talk about the future of the franchise, what else the team is working on, E3 and cloud computing concept, OnLive. You may have to crank up the sound to hear Molyneux clearly. Sorry about that.

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I'm really sick of seeing Molyneux's face so often here in Kotaku.

When he starts speaking about anything he's developing, 90% of Kotaku's articles are about that.

I've never played Fable or any other of Molyneux's games, I think, but I've seen his goofy face so many fuckin times that now I hate him. Profoundly.

I want to punch him on the face.