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Like LittleBigPlanet before it, ModNation Racers, the next game in Sony's "Play Create Share" arsenal is headed to the PlayStation Portable, with the PSP version launching alongside its PlayStation 3 counterpart.


With all of the same creative tools found in the PS3 version, the only thing scaled-down about ModNation PSP is the graphics. Players will still be able to create their own rides, racers, and race tracks, sharing them with the ModNation PSP community. Once their creations are complete, they can take them online, pitting their racers against up to six other player creations in an all-out battle to the death.

Well, perhaps not the death, but it'll be a pretty fierce battle.

So which version should you pick up? I'm sure the PS3 will have a more robust community, but my PSP needs to be filled with pretty games. They're going to make me buy this twice, aren't they?


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