Modern Warfare Mobility DS: Guns, Tanks and Planes

New Modern Warfares aren't just coming to the consoles this fall, the DS will also be getting a brand new first-person shooter from Activision.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized will include a new story line with unique missions spread out over 16 levels with players taking on the roles of both U.S. Marines and the British SAS.


The game's maps will take place in South American, Russian and the Middle East, Adrienne Arrasmith, production coordinator with Activision, told me.

I spent about 30 minutes checking out N-Space's shooter playing through a traditional shooter section, a section that had me controlling a tank and a section that made me the gunner in a AC-130.

The standard first-person shooter play used fairly common controls, with the gamer the radar screen on the DS' bottom screen to aim and the D-Pad or face buttons to move. The shoulder buttons let you fire and you could change weapons, reload and zoom in your scope by touching different parts of the screen.

As with other DS shooters with this control set-up, it worked well but spend too long playing and yo're going to get hand cramps. I did enjoy the maps I played and the game felt perfectly responsive.


I can't say the same for the tank controls. While they were relatively similar to how you controlled your man on foot, the need to control the turret and the direction separately often left me confused. The view was also problematic, making it easy for me to get the tank hung up on things without see what was causing the problem. Finally, the enemy tanks were fairly hard to spot.

The last mode I played around with had me taking out distant night targets from an AC-130. I had three guns at my disposal, allowing me to pick off single targets, shoot small explosions or send in rather large missiles. This mode was quite a bit to play, though it felt a bit like a tower defense game at times.


Arrasmith told me that the game also has mini-games, the ability to replay maps in an arcade mode and a survival mode, though I didn't test any of those out.

The DS title features six-player multiplayer over LAN or Wifi with eight maps and nine game modes: free for all, team play, capture the flag, hunter/prey and sabotage.


The game will include 20 different weapons to use and awards which act a bit like achievements.


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