Modern Warfare Has A Competitor For "Stupidest Collector's Edition"

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Modern Warfare 2's collector's edition is ridiculous. It's Activision testing how stupid you and your wallets are. But it's not alone in the over-the-top military shooter collector's edition stakes! No, there's also Operation Flashpoint 2 to consider.

Codemaster's "sequel" to Bohemia Interactive's 2001 classic has a limited edition that comes with an army helmet. A full-size army helmet, that looks like it's made from metal (plus a dog tag), giving the game a box that wouldn't look out of place in the Rock Band aisle. Or a stinky old army disposal store.


No word on price yet, or availability (this is a European version), but hey, on the bright side, unlike the MW2 box, this one will be made available to PC users.

[thanks Chris!]

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Okay, I'll be the first to admit I bought the Halo 3 Collectors edition. I like the idea of the MC helmet and being able to hold meh gamez. But MW 2 and Flashpoint? Um... I get it!!!

If you buy both games you'll have a helmet and discontinued military night vision goggles (Sam Fisher would never be caught dead with that huge thing).

But seriously. As unnecessary as the MC helmet was, at least you could store games in it. These are just props.