Modern Warfare And The Witness Are The Only PlayStation Plus Games For March

Illustration for article titled iModern Warfare/i Andi The Witness/i Are The Only PlayStation Plus Games For Marchem/em

Our monthly accounting of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers is going to be a lot shorter from now on, as the PlayStation 3 and Vita drop out of the program this month. It’s the end of an era, folks.


March’s PlayStation Plus games are:

PlayStation 4

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  • The Witness

(February’s PlayStation Plus games will be available through March 8, so grab those while you still can.)

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I know a lot of people will be upset that there’s no more PS3 and Vita games but these are 2 fantastic games. I’d rather have a couple of genuinely good games than 1 or 2 decent games and some random indie titles that i might only spend 15 minutes with.  Honestly every time i added a PS3 or Vita title to my account, i always said maybe i’d finally get a vita or actually power on my PS3 and neither ever happened.