Modern Warfare Actor Arrested, Charged With Hitting His Wife

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British TV star Billy Murray - who many of you will recognise as the voice of Captain Price in the Modern Warfare series - has been arrested in the UK and charged with assault after allegedly attacking both his wife and daughter.


The 69 year-old, who is famous in Britain for his roles on long-running police drama The Bill and soap opera Eastenders, was arrested at his apartment in Essex, England last week and charged with assaulting his wife and 27 year-old daughter.

There are no further details other than the fact he will appear in court next month.


Murray has played the role of heroic/maniacal Captain Price in both Modern Warfare games.

Ex-soap star accused of wife attack [Yahoo] [thanks SolidGoldChimp!]

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game-hating andrew

There isn't any difference between hitting a woman or man. Unless in self-defense, it's a reprehensible thing to do.