Modern Warfare 3 Courting Hardcore PC Gamers With LAN Support

Illustration for article titled emModern Warfare 3/em Courting Hardcore PC Gamers With LAN Support

Perhaps seeking to amend some past errors as far as supporting their PC userbase is concerned, Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward have revealed that the third game in the series will feature something many contemporary games feel they can do without: LAN support.


While many other big multiplayer PC games (and former LAN heroes) like StarCraft II do without the feature, Modern Warfare 3 will be including it, meaning people who like to drag computers to other people's houses to play video games are being looked after.


Combine this with the fact the game will support dedicated servers and we have an unusually PC-friendly version of the game in the works from IW and Activision.

[fourzerotwo @ Twitter]

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Someone explain to me how your gonna LAN this game that will requires STEAM?