Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Combat Controller Review: Plugged In

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Among the bounty of Modern Warfare 2-themed Mad Catz accessories are new controllers for the Xbox 360.


The wired Xbox 360 controllers include assignable macro buttons, LED lighting and a digital camo design, but are they worth picking up?

Triggers: The controllers buttons are snappier and the d-pad feels a bit more responsive, but the biggest win for me on this controller are the thinner, slightly curved triggers. They feel like gun triggers and seem to be a touch more responsive. I love these things.

Macro Buttons: Being able to assign the always-awkward thumbstick buttons to macro buttons located on the back of the controller is fantastic. If pushing in the thumbstick to do stuff isn't as annoying to you as it is to me, you can also choose to assign those tiny twin, back of controller buttons to by the X, Y, A or B buttons.

Plugged In: There is no amount of cool, no design or art work that can make me accept the fact that in this day and age I need to have a cable stretched from my controller to my Xbox 360 while I play games. I don't care whose fault it is or why it was done. I'm having none of it.

There are a lot of things to like about the Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 controllers. The grey on white camo design is a nice, subtle touch. The LED light thumbstick sockets add a nice flare to the controllers, and the thinner design makes holding it for long periods of time more pleasant.


If you can get over needing to plug this controller into your Xbox 360, it's probably worth the upgrade.

Modern Warfare 2 Combat Controller Camo was developed and produced by Mad Catz for the Xbox 360 on Nov. 10. Retails for $49.99 USD. A white controller was given to us by Mad Catz for reviewing purposes. Played several games for several hours with the controller.


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How far are people sitting away from their televisions that a wired controller becomes a problem? I've gamed acoss multiple rooms in various houses and never had the cord's length become an issue. Hell, I've gamed while laying up in bed with a wired controller before. I never understood where people got off being so annoyed with a cord.

p.s. Batteries suck, charging controllers sucks, and having to stop your game - even for a moment - because your controller died especially sucks. #modernwarfare2combatcontroller