Modders Bring Cannon Fodder To The Switch

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Funnily enough, this works best if you have the Amiga version of Cannon Fodder lying around.


If you haven’t come across it already, Openfodder is basically what it says on the box: an open-source port of Sensible Software’s very good Cannon Fodder. And given that top-down shooters and twin-stick games work very well on the Switch, someone thought Cannon Fodder would make for a good port as well.

So that’s what keeganator did, releasing a Switch port of OpenFodder on Github. You’ll need the original Cannon Fodder files, either from the original DOS version (which you can get through GOG) or the Amiga versions.


It’s worth noting that, obviously, this isn’t something you can download from the Nintendo eShop. You’ll need to use a homebrew launcher, so chances are this isn’t an option for anyone who’s kept their Switch patched throughout.

If you’re one of the few people who is still running older Switch firmware, then you can follow the instructions here. The Amiga files have less bugs than the DOS ones, interestingly. That said, it makes me wonder: how far off are we from someone getting DOSBox going on the Switch—and might a lot of those older games end up getting ported over?

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

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I think it’s worth mentioning that Nintendo is cracking down hard on anybody who does Modifications such as running custom Firmware (CFW) for Homebrew Launching on their Switch - resulting in a banned console.

They do this by banning the console certificate that is unique to every Switch sold, so even a new account won’t help you get your Switch back Online.

Also of note is that since Nintendo revokes the console certificate EVERY online interaction is blocked (Nintendos Server basically reject every request from Consoles with Banned certificates).

This includes:
- Use of the eShop
- Download of any data, be it System Updates or previously bought games
- The option to Unlink your Nintendo Account from the Switch (even calling Nintendo directly they will not help you unlink your Account)

If you do not care about online, only buy Physical releases...go for it, CFW on the Switch is realy good.
But if you want to play Games online or are interested in eShop games stay away from anything CFW - or buy a second Switch.