Modders Are Adding New Locations To Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is a game about two opposing yet complimentary forces: routine and discovery. What happens, though, when you run out of things to discover? Why, you build more, of course.


Tego’s Stardew Expansion and Yama’s Desert Expansion both serve roughly the same purpose: to make Stardew Valley a bigger, more vibrant place. In time, they’ll also add new features (wade-able water!), puzzles, and NPCs.

Here’s what the Stardew Expansion is about:

“This is a mod adding a few new locations designed mostly for exploring and foraging to make Stardew Valley feel bigger and better. Also this mod expands your farm to the south. Now you have more place to plant your plants, animal your animals and alcohol your kegs. There are three versions of farm expansions (included in the archive as FarmOpt etc).”

And here’s the Desert Expansion:

“I’ve been working on a expansion to the desert map. It’s fully compatible with all other mods that don’t modify any of the base warps in the Desert! I will eventually be adding a few new maps, npcs and more once I learn how/as soon as it’s possible to do so efficiently.”

“V1.3.8 Currently adds:

- 3 Whole new areas in the Desert for you to explore!

Currently in the works:

-More locations

-Warp puzzle maze

-new flora designs

-Custom Items (Yellow and blue Cactus Fruit )

-new cave textures and aesthetics-wade-able water (Get your fishing boots!)”

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It’s cool to see what players can do now that they’re really starting to figure out how to mod Stardew Valley. These two expansions are, in all likelihood, just the beginning. Imagine what this game will be like in a year. I know you’re thinking it too: SPACE FARM. Or I guess you could also be thinking of other possibilities idk whatever. It’s fine. It’s fine.

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Looking forward to the Factorio/Stardew cross-over where you have to delve into deeper tech trees and automate the farm to handle them for you via robot tools and conveyor belts.