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Modder Turns Skyrim Fan's Hyper-Specific Lydia Mod Idea Into Reality

Illustration for article titled Modder Turns iSkyrim/i Fans Hyper-Specific Lydia Mod Idea Into Realityem/em

Sometimes players want to do very specific, occasionally strange things in games—say, role-play as the chair Skyrim’s Lydia sits on—but something gets in the way. Thankfully, there’s often a chance some kind-hearted modder will help you out.


Last night on Reddit, a Skyrim player asked, “Is there a mod to let me turn into Lydia’s seat in Skyrim but not in a sexual way?” There wasn’t, apparently. There’s a mod that lets you race on rolly chairs. There’s a mod that replaces werewolves’ models with chairs. Maybe there are sexy mods that lets players get sat on, but not in chair form. Thankfully, a Skyrim mod-maker who goes by Antediluvian Cat God saw the OP’s cry for help and decided to relieve their suffering.

A few hours after the original post, Antediluvian Cat God uploaded the mod “Become A Chair Spell” onto Nexus Mods. The mod’s description reads, “It must be hard for Lydia to carry all those burdens, and sometimes, out in the wilderness there’s no place for her to sit on and rest. But with this mod, you can become that seat, you can BE the chair, and have Lydia sit on you, just like you’ve always wanted (in a non-sexual way, of course).”

Antediluvian Cat god explained their process to Kotaku over Reddit: “The mod is inspired by a certain spell found in vanilla Skyrim. During the ‘College of Winterhold’ questline, you have an optional quest to help a fellow student perform magical experiments on you, these experiments end up turning you into all sorts of animals. I took inspiration from that and created a spell with a simple script similar to the one in that spell.”


What a thoughtful person. For balance, I reached out to the original poster, too, who said they want to be anonymous. They told me, “I definitely asked for it because it was a dare from a friend 100% no lie.” He added, “I feel like I’ve pulled the community together to create something unholy and I would like to thank by [sic] dog, Jobie, for being a good boye [sic].”

*Additional reporting contributed by Heather Alexandra, who herself became a chair.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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Is there a mod to let me turn into Lydia’s seat in Skyrim but not in a sexual way?

Ah Skyrim mods that “not in a sexual way” is REALLY important.