Modder Turns Devil May Cry 5's Final Boss Into A Playable Character

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A well-known modder has unlocked Devil May Cry 5’s final boss as a playable character on the PC. By using a cheat tool, they can play as a limited version of the boss, complete with basic moves and a special ability.

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At the end of Devil May Cry 5, heroes Dante and Nero need to fight Dante’s brother Vergil in two back to back boss fights. A YouTuber and modder who goes by Nekorun has successfully made Vergil playable only a few days after release. Nekorun curates a YouTube channel called Deep Game Research, where the modder develops and uses various tools to explore games to their fullest. In many cases, this means helping to develop camera tools that can be used to see out of bounds and which are invaluable to shows like Boundary Break. In the case of Devil May Cry 5, Nekorun used a cheat tool to alter certain variables within the game’s files.

“The process of playing as Vergil? You have to find the Player ID value and change it to 4 then reload the stage,” Nekorun said via Twitter DM. “This can also be used to play as any character in any stage.” They’ve already used the tool to show off the third playable character, V, fighting Vergil. This is normally impossible.


The fact that all it took to enable Vergil was changing the variable for the player character had Nekorun speculating in his video description that Vergil could be a DLC character. That’s somewhat unclear, as this could also be a means for developers to test animations and skills in a more controlled fashion. Players interested in checking out Vergil for themselves are in luck, as Nekorun plans to release a “trainer” for the game. This program will allow players to adjust the game to their liking and even play as Dante’s anti-heroic brother. Nekorun says it will be ready “in a few days.”

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Neat! Although to be honest I sort of expect this to be an official DLC at some point, maybe even the reward for completing Bloody Palace.

With Trish and Lady around too I’m curious if they will eventually be playable as well in an official capacity. I guess it depends on how much they can recycle from DMC4's PS4 port.