Modder Is Trying To Make XCOM 2's Snake Ladies Sexier

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I suppose this was inevitable.

Somewhat notoriously, XCOM 2 has snake lady enemies called Vipers. They’re alien snake monsters with boobs, which of course flies in the face of hella biology, but whatever. Aliens. They don’t play by our silly, boob-less rules, apparently. Maybe they store venom in there. Or maybe Firaxis didn’t take time to consider that there are other ways of saying, “this = lady.” Regardless, we still got an enemy type that will wreck your shit if you’re not careful with your troop positioning.


In the grand tradition of mods that sex up PC games (some of which are actually really interesting and experience-altering), modder RekinXXXL embarked on a quest to redo Vipers’ animations with a seductive “femme fatale” flair. The resulting Sassy Viper Mod isn’t a nudity patch or anything so, um, alarming, but it’s... something. It’s still early, but here’s what RekinXXXL has so far:

I actually think it’s pretty cool that sexy mods, as A Thing, exist, and you know, some people are into sexy anthropomorphic stuff. But in this particular case, I feel like the first YouTube comment says it all: “Look upon what you have wrought, Firaxis, and despair.”

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