Modded Team Fortress 2 Bots Are Designed To Hunt Cheaters

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Image: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has a problem with bots, but not all of its bots are there for cheating. Some have been programmed to hunt down the cheaters.


Apparently this has been a thing in the TF2 community for a little while now, but it’s only after this Tweet that the wider world got some insight into how it’s all been happening:

Among other attempts, it’s the Bot Extermination Service that’s getting the most attention, with the creation of a bot that’s able to recognise which players are humans and which are cheat bots in a round, and only target the bots:

As Eurogamer point out, this isn’t a perfect solution for the bot problem, since the spots being taken up by these “good” bots are occupying a space on a server that could be used by a human player, and that in turn creates a scenario where games can potentially be full of bots chasing other bots instead of people playing the game.

But hey, it’s something, and it’s a pretty ingenious something at that.

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cheeto pendejo

they’re onto something. i assume this is a community effort so the next step is to get something official integrated into the actual game. if you have bots that can spot cheaters over the course of one round then it seems much easier to just immediately slap bans down and open up server slots rather than just attempting to mitigate their bullshit.

besides that, i think it’s awesome and i appreciate that there are people out there using their skills to fuck over these bitch-ass punk pussy cheating motherfuckers.