Modded GameCube Keyboard Is The Controller Of My Dreams

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In 2002 Nintendo released a ridiculous-looking GameCube controller with a keyboard embedded in it so that Phantasy Star Online players could type to their friends. In 2021 someone’s modded it into an equally impractical but much prettier custom keyboard that I wish I could use to type all of my shitposts.


“Y’all thought the gamecube keyboard was a joke,” creator HolyChipmunk recently wrote on the Keyboard subreddit in a post sharing their project that was first spotted by PCGamesN. Inspired by another modder’s build from a few years back, HolyChipmunk drilled out some of the controller keyboard’s original plastic to make room for the new, higher-quality aluminum plate and Preonic PCB. Here are the full specs:

  • Keyboard: Preonic placed into a Sammy Gamecube Keyboard Controller
  • Case Material: 18 year old Nintendo plastic
  • Plate: Aluminum tray mounted
  • Switches: Lubed Glorious Pandas
  • Stabilizer: Durock v1 lubed with 205g0 and dielectric grease
  • Dampening: none
  • Keycaps: DSA Vilebloom

HolyChipmunk went a step further and replaced the GameCube controller’s existing sticks and buttons with custom ones from creator Pink Cadi which perfectly match the Vilebloom color scheme. Best of all, the whole thing works. HolyChipmunk demoed switching from typing out messages to playing Super Smash Bros. Melee in a video on YouTube:

The battle between gamepads and keyboards has been waged by people with too much time on their hands for years now, but the solution has been right in front of us all along. Plenty of PC games now support various controllers, and plenty of console games now support the use of a mouse and keyboard. But why choose when you can get the best of both worlds in the super lux-looking, decades old GameCube controller.

Bring back the ASCII keyboard controller. Bring back the Xbox chatpad. Give the Switch Pro a slick keyboard Joy-Con attachment and bless it with colorful keycaps. Anything to make interfacing with the internet hive-mind feel a little more whimsical.

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I had this to play FFXI on ps2. It was the best! Sadly it broke during a moving :(