Mod Turns Dark Souls Into Black And White Nightmare

A simple tweak gives the world of Dark Souls an exceptionally eerie quality.

This visual mod strips out the game’s UI, textures, and particle effects, leaving a black-and-white world that’s as beautiful as it is difficult to traverse. reddit user CystisomaMagna discovered this by accident, while playing around with a graphics tool called Reshade.


Quickly dubbed the “Limbo mod” for giving Dark Souls an aesthetic similar to th platformer from a few years back, it was popularized after Souls streamer Lobos Jr showed it off:

Lobos Jr also published a how-to video, explaining the steps needed to install the mod yourself:

But what really caught my eye were the screen shots taken by redditor tarunschmarun. Even if I have no interest in playing Dark Souls with this mod flipped on—it seems super hard—I’m happy to scroll through the amazing sights that tarunschmarun has captured on his journeys:

You can view all his photos right over here. They’re fantastic.

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